Zumo 2020 Palm Frond

zumo palm frond wine

Zumo 2020 Palm Frond: This is one of those bottles of wine that you immediately exclaim aloud when you pour a glass and take a sip: “Wow, this is really good!” A blend of Verdelho, Pinot Gris and Sauvignon Blanc, co-fermented in the classic “throw that in the pot” method, per winemakers Georgia Staples and Diego Luis Perez. They make wine with no additions of any kind (yeast, malolactic bacteria, clarifiers, stabalizers, acid, sulfites, velcorin, etc..) and ferment them naturally in open-top fermenters, finishing in either neutral oak or tank. “The wines are naturally still alive when bottled and are intentionally fresh and tingly.” We purchased this bottle from Gemini Bottle Co.