Den Sake Batch #12

den sake bottle and glass

It’s been a while since we talked about Den Sake. Batch #12 was released in December and might have limited availability at this point, although we did find this bottle at Fig and Thistle Market.

Brewed in the prefecture otherwise known as Oakland, Den Sake was founded in 2017 by Yoshihiro Sako. Known for its high acidity, more so than traditional sakes, Den Sake’s provenance is uniquely local: Sako brews in small batches with Calhikari, a single-origin rice varietal grown by Rue & Forsman Ranch in the Sacramento Valley. Sako intentionally brews with higher acidity in mind to make his sake more compatible with not only traditional Asian foods but our regional cuisine as well. At this time of the year, you could easily pair Den Sake with roasted asparagus, doused with olive oil, and garnished with curls of parmesan cheese. Whereas the go-to wine pairing might be a chenin blanc or sauvignon blanc, a more free-spirited move would be to pour a glass of the latest release.

Batch #12 (Nama) has an enticing acidity marked by notes of citrus and honeysuckle, with silky smooth umami that lingers long on the palate. Plus there’s an exquisite touch of effervescence, most likely because this sake is unpasteurized, so it shows that liveliness in the glass. As we’ve noted before, since Den Sake has a wine-like profile, it’s a good gateway drink for those who haven’t tried sake yet. #drinklocal