Strawberry Storing Tips

how to store strawberries

With strawberry season in full swing, you’re probably eating them as fast as you can, but sadly, those that spend an extended amount of time on your kitchen counter start to go bad. It’s not your fault! Strawberries are non-climacteric fruits, and once picked, they will not continue to ripen (and thus, sadly, begin to rot). Make the most of them by storing them properly.

Molly Watson says: “First and most importantly, don’t wash strawberries until you’re ready to eat them—they’re like bright red sponges ready to soak up any liquid in their realm. If you’re planning on using them within a day, you can leave them on the counter or pop them in the fridge; for any longer storage, it’s worth spreading them in a single layer on a paper towel-lined baking sheet and covering with another layer of paper towels—this both keeps them dry (and thus staves off mold) and makes sure they don’t crush each other.”

You can also store them whole and unwashed in a container lined with paper towels overnight in the refrigerator.

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