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Like each of the 80+ publications in Edible Communities, Edible San Francisco is dedicated to supporting the local farmers, chefs, food artisans, fishers, vintners, brewers, home cooks, and small businesses that help feed people.

We recently completed a gfk/MRI survey in December 2019 (2500+ respondents) here are a few highlights:

Edible readers spend a remarkable 59.4 minutes with each issue, and what they like best about the magazine is “that it’s local.”

  • 72% of readers pick up their copies of Edible at local businesses.
  • 82% of readers who read the magazine in print also engage with their local Edible website.
  • 96% of readers stated that they would be likely to patronize a restaurant featured in Edible.
  • 93% report taking some sort of action as a result of reading Edible or visiting an Edible website.
  • 75% of all respondents report engagement with Edible online
  • 87% have read at least 3 of the last 4 issues of an Edible e-newsletter
  • 58% interact with Edible on social media

We’ve found that  people want—even need—to feel connected to those around them, and the opportunities to connect through local media are rapidly disappearing (except for Edible). Food is a natural connection that transcends our differences and lets us feel part of a shared local experience otherwise known as communities (our last name!).

Edible readers really LOVE food (and the drink that goes along with it). They’re open to it in every form: dining out, eating in, growing their own, serving it to others. They’re creative, experimental, and social through food. They’re the people who are willing to try a new restaurant AND frequent an old favorite.

We’re an interesting hybrid. On the one hand, we’re a smart magazine for people who care about food and its future; think a culinary version of The Atlantic that appeals to a pretty influential audience. At the same time, though, Edible is very hands-on: a service magazine that invites readers to take action, from making recipes to making restaurant reservations. Not many magazines can lay claim to being smart AND resourceful. And who spends 52 minutes of their leisure time with something they don’t enjoy and find useful/inspiring? 😉

Join the most vibrant sustainable food community. Connect with Edible.

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