2021 Gift Guide: Shichimi Togarashi Japanese Pantry

shichimi togarashi the japanese pantry

Shichimi Togarashi from The Japanese Pantry:

A big pinch of this robustly aromatic spice mix with a combination of Japanese Takanotsume (“Hawk’s Claw”) peppers, sansho and dried yuzu peel, brings an addictive and fiery citrus kick to every dish. In fact, you’ll soon be reaching for this spicy blend instead of the pepper grinder.


Other favorites from The Japanese Pantry:

Iio Jozo’s Sushi Vinegar:

Our weekly dinner rotation includes a homemade poke bowl and lately, we’ve been enjoying it with local bluefin tuna which have made their way into Northern California waters (thanks to climate change 😬). We’ve slowly been perfecting our sushi rice technique, and this seasoning, made from pure rice vinegar, brown sugar from Tanegashima, wildflower honey from Argentina, and Australian sea salt processed in Hyogo prefecture, is the ideal complement for seasoning the sushi rice.


Mitsuboshi Soy Sauce:

If we’ve scored an exceptionally fresh piece of halibut we like to slice it up sashimi style and serve it with a small dipping bowl of this soy sauce that has been made the same way by Horikawaya for over 300 hundred years. With sweet soy notes, the slightest hint of smoke, and a balanced umami finish, it’s the perfect seasoning for a slice of hirame (Japanese term for any type of flat, bottom-living horizontally-oriented fish, usually fluke, flounder or halibut). It also adds a vibrant savory note to any salad or vinaigrette.


Thanks for shopping and keeping your dollars local, it helps to support the San Francisco small business community!

In addition to supporting local businesses for your gift-buying, we hope you’ll consider devoting some of your holiday budget—or your volunteering time—to local nonprofits on the front lines feeding the hungry and homeless.

Here are just a few suggestions to get you started:

Curry Senior Center

Farming Hope

Food Runners

Haight Ashbury Food Program

Larkin Street Youth Services

Martin de Porres

Project Open Hand

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