Luneta Mezcal Tahona Mercado

luneta mezcal tahona mercado

Luneta Cuishe, Tobala, Tepeztate, and Espadin Mezcal from Tahona Mercado

We’ve slowly been building our mezcal collection and this is one of our latest purchases. This bottle is a blend of Luneta Cuishe, Tobala, Tepeztate, and Espadin agaves made by one of the most renowned female mezcal producers in the world, Berta Vasquez. We got a chance to sample the Luneta mezcal collection at the recent Mexico In A Bottle event and were smitten with this one–even took a photo of the bottle with our phone so we’d be sure to find it again. When dropping off some copies of the latest issue at Tahona Mercado we happily spied it on the shelves! It’s remarkably smooth and sweet, with just the slightest hint of smoke at the end.

Tahona Mercado tasting notes Aroma: Grape, licorice, Tabacco. Palate: bacon, jasmine, thyme.


Other favorites from Tahona Mercado

Xicaru Pechuga Mole

Steven Sadri, one of Tahona Mercado co-founders recommended this bottle for us. Pechuga is style of mezcal that is distilled an additional time with a chicken breast hanging in the still (pechuga translates to breast in Spanish). It’s said to impart a savory note, but it doesn’t translate as chicken-flavored. This mezcal was also distilled with mole negro, the iconic Oaxacan sauce, which imparts delicate chocolate and chili notes.

Tahona Mercado tasting notes Aroma: nuts, chocolate, and ground chiles. Palate: viscous, oily, bold.


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