Miles Garret 2019 Riesling (on skins), Willow Creek, Humboldt County

miles garrett 2019 riesling

One of the bottles from our Gemini Bottle Co. wine club for February (full disclosure, Gemini is an Edible SF advertiser). Drinks as beautifully as it looks. It’s got juicy riesling notes, high minerality, and a bit of a round cheesy finish (from the skin contact we’re guessing). Made from organically farmed, dry-farmed, own-rooted vines owned and farmed by Miles Garrett. Notes on his labor practices, via Tess Bryant Selections (we like to support winemakers like Garrett who provide information on the provenance of their grapes as well as their labor practices). I pay my crew between $15(starting) – $25 an hour and use the wwoof organization for work/trade labor. Wwoofers always say it’s the nicest place they’ve wwoofed (if that matters?!) They have wooden yurts to live in, loaner bicycles and a car, hot shower/bathrooms, WiFi and food included. In return, they work for 4 hours a day.”

Miles Garrett Wines

Photo: Bruce Cole