Terroir Natural Wine Bar and Merchant

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terroir natural wine bar

Why We Love It: For the transparency. Terroir Natural Wine Bar is an honest purist’s mecca, devoid of chemicals, pesticides, herbicides or commercial yeast. The idea, per the name, is to feature wines that point clearly to the land they came from, unobstructed by human, nay chemical, interference. The concept and the feel are simple, directing focus right where it ought to be: in your glass.

More: Made in the Vineyard, Not in the Lab: Terroir Natural Wine Merchant: At Terroir Natural Wine Merchant, natural wines are the (only) order of the day!

You know a place has a touch of sass when, after the first sip of a wine you’ve probably never heard of, you glance up to see a campaign poster featuring a photo of French President Nicolas Sarkozy with the words “Votez Le Pen” pinned to the wall with a knife. It is this very sense of screw-the-establishment humor, combined with a strong sense of purpose, that makes Terroir one of San Francisco’s most intriguing, even fun places to buy and taste wine. And it’s meant as a compliment to say that Terroir is one of those spots that will either immediately resonate with you, or not at all. Like I said, it’s got attitude. Not in a snobbish way, just a passionate belief that the world’s finest wines are not only free of pesticides and added sulfur, but are made with as little human intervention as possible. Continue reading Made in the Vineyard, Not in the Lab: Terroir Natural Wine Merchant.