Edible Pursuit #1: True or False?

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edible pursuit

We’re making our Eat.Drink.Think. newsletter a bit more fun by adding a new weekly feature: a food and drink quiz. Some of you may remember our Edible Pursuit nights (back when Trivial Pursuit was a thing), where teams of foodies put their culinary credentials and reputations on the line by trying to answer incredibly challenging questions about San Francisco’s local food scene, kitchen know-how, food politics, and more. We’re resurrecting an abbreviated version of that idea for the newsletter and you’ll find the questions below as well. Sounds easy right? Heh, heh. First, read each question to yourself and any quarantined foodie friends near you, and then proclaim true or false before clicking through for the answer. Alas, bragging rights 💪 are the only prize we can offer at this point.

True or False?

Guess before you click (honor system 😉)!

  1. You should always cook on aluminum foil with the shiny side up.
  2. The Bay Area’s oldest frozen treat is It’s It, invented in 1928.
  3. Chicken Tetrazzini, which was first created in 1908 by Palace Hotel Chef Ernest Arbogast, is named after the part of the chicken breast known as the chicken tender, or tetrazzini in Italian.
  4. The Mai Tai was created in 1944, by Victor Bergeron, better known as Trader Vic.
  5. John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich in 1718, originated the snack consisting of slices of bread surrounding a filling, aka “the sandwich,” to eat while he gambled.

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